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State Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

The State Health Plan has created a PPO alternative for all state employees called Smart Choice. What is a PPO? A PPO is an arrangement where providers are under contract to provide medical services at lower than usual fees in return for prompt payment and a certain volume of patients. There is freedom of choice among in-network providers, including specialists. No referrals are required for specialist office visits. When in-network providers are used, out-of-pocket expenses are lower and no claims forms are required.

Monthly Cost to Eligible Employees

Health Insurance RatesBase 70/30Enhanced 80/20ER Cost
Employee Only85.00110.00674.54
Flat DiscountsBase 70/30Enhanced 80/20ER Cost
Smoker Attestation (just EE)(60.00)(60.00)-
Lowest RatesBase 70/30Enhanced 80/20ER Cost
Employee Only25.0050.00674.54

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