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The University of North Carolina Greensboro is launching a campus-wide Employee Engagement Survey. This initiative will be launched over a five-year period to help us gauge and enhance employees' experiences in the workplace.

  • The data collected will establish a baseline metric for engagement to track over the next five years in conjunction with other metrics.
  • The results will allow UNCG campus leaders to address areas in which employee engagement challenges may exist and to recognize those areas that are successfully fostering employee engagement.
  • The data from this survey serves as a baseline and will be used to measure our progress and also be compared against other UNC institutions and the information that we collect in future surveys so that we can determine how sustained and effective our improvement efforts have been in the long term.

The survey, which will be emailed to you on Monday, January 29, is designed for full-time employees (faculty and staff), and the goal is to gain clearer measurements for success that will assist us with the recruitment, retention, and development of the most talented and diverse workforce possible. We want to develop a workforce that is prepared to meet the changing needs of the University. In the survey, you will be asked for your thoughts about topics like communications, collaboration, supervision and benefits, among other items. The survey will come from ModernThink LLC, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in higher education.

You will receive an email invitation directly from ModernThink with details about the survey and how to log on. You will receive a unique login and password that only you can use to participate in the survey, and you will be able to access the survey wherever a computer is available, even at home, on a PC, tablet, or phone. The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, and you may complete it on work time or off work time. An example of the email can be found here.

If you do not have access to a computer, you may also take the survey at computer labs at any of the following locations:
UNCG Employee Engagement Survey Labs
Day Date Time Location
Monday 1/29/2018
2pm-4pm Bryan 211
Tuesday 1/30/2018
8am-10am Bryan 211
Wednesday 1/31/2018
10-am-12pm Graham 202
Thursday 2/1/2018 1pm-3pm Graham 202
Friday 2/2/2018 12pm-2pm Bryan 211
Monday 2/5/2018 2pm-4pm Bryan 211
Tuesday 2/6/2018 10am-12pm Bryan 211
Wednesday 2/7/2018 1pm-3pm MHRA 1305
Thursday 2/8/2018 12pm-2pm Graham 202
Friday 2/9/2018 4pm-6pm MHRA1305
Monday 2/12/2018 8am-10am Graham 202

Survey participation is voluntary and completely confidential. Only ModernThink will have access to individual employee responses. You can find more information about confidentiality here.

We strongly encourage you to take the survey. Because a high response rate helps to ensure an accurate representation of our community, please also encourage your colleagues to complete the survey.

Over the summer, we will receive and share reports that summarize the data provided so that we can recognize our successes and begin to address concerns that most directly impact and influence our workplace culture. Additional questions and answers can be found here.

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Engagement Survey