UNCG Human Resources

Courage. Compassion. Commitment.

Over 200 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students are employed by UNCG, playing a key role in the operations, research, and educational areas. Student employees perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative. All while developing skills and experience.

As a UNCG student, you have the opportunity work at UNCG through a variety of means. If you qualify for financial aid you can work through the Federal Work Study program by securing a work study position or a community service position. You can also work within the many UNCG departments by locating employment through the Career Service Center's Student Employment Office. Finally, as a graduate student you may secure a graduate, research, resident, or teaching assistant position through the Graduate School.

There are many advantages to working while being enrolled:

  • Flexible work schedule – you can arrange your work schedule around your classes.
  • Convenience of working on or near campus.
  • Opportunity to work at a Community Service Program Agency.
  • Chance to gain valuable work experience and build references for future employment.
  • Wide variety of job experiences available on and off campus.
  • Studies have shown that part-time employment has a positive impact on a students’ academic performance.

We hope these links to available resources provides you assistance in locating and securing student employment!