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Family Care

UNCG recognizes the importance of designing and implementing family-friendly policies and practices that improve work/life integration. This page includes work-family policies and programs that acknowledge the multiple roles of employees and help employees to enabling employees to balance and integrate the demands of the workplace with the demands of personal or family life.

Family Care

Child Care

UNC Greensboro’s Five Star Rated Licensed Child Care Education Program believes that learning ensues when children are actively involved (both physically and cognitively) in experiences that are age appropriate, individually appropriate and culturally appropriate. The Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum is based on the needs, interests, and abilities of the children in all domains of development – social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

Lactation Resources

UNCG offers 3 Lactation Rooms. These rooms are for the exclusive use of lactating employees. The rooms are safe, private, and clean. Employees may feed or pump in these rooms.

Lactation rooms at UNCG can be found at the following locations:

BuildingRoomEmail Contact
Jackson Library TowerRoom 570Lea Leininger
Bryan BuildingRoom 344GJacqueline Smith
Nursing and Instructional Building (NIB)Room 147OT Lewis
Before visiting the room for the first time, new or expecting parents are advised to contact one of the employees listed above for information regarding set up available.