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The ePosition Module in the SpartanTalent system is used by departments to establish a brand new position, initiate staff recruitments, reclassifications, position description updates and salary adjustments.

The ePosition Module in the SpartanTalent system is used by departments to establish a brand new position, initiate staff recruitments, reclassifications, position description updates and salary adjustments. Position actions include creating a brand new position or a modification of an existing position. When modifying a position, you have the option to request a salary adjustment (temporary or permanent), reclassification/title change, update in duties, supervisor change, and much more.. In ePosition, an action is a record created by a user to request a position change.

An action ID refers to a specific action on one position in the system, and is used to search for that particular action.

The position library contains position specific information for all established positions. This information is used to populate actions in ePosition.

In ePosition module, click on Position Description’s submenu SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty, or Faculty. Search by title or position number. This will enable you to review positions in your area that meet the criteria and determine if the position is in the library.

In order to access Spartan Talent, you must have the Initiator User Group. Your Department Manager or Supervisor can advise if it is appropriate for you to have this access.

ePosition users are grouped by role. User Groups include: Initiator, HR Talent Consultant, Principal Investigator (PI), Department/Additional Unit Approver(s), Executive Approver, Contracts and Grants, and Budget. The user group you are logged in as is visible at the top right of the screen.

Click on the drop down in the right upper corner of the screen. Select the user group you desire and click the refresh button. A message will appear at the top of the screen to confirm the user group change.

Consult the SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty Workflows to determine what type of action to submit in SpartanTalent.

You can determine the status of your action(s) in ePosition by utilizing your Watch List (located on the Home page). In your Watch List, the “Current State” and State Owner” columns show the current status and the responsible party at that status for each action. In addition, automated emails are generated at critical status points in the system which will inform you when you need to take action.

Contact your Talent Consultant for assistance. Job aids and instructions for working in SpartanTalent are available on the Human Resources SpartanTalent website. Please remember that these materials are updated frequently based upon user feedback. You may need to refresh your browser page or clear your cache in order to access the most recent version of a page. There are also links to resources and support materials embedded in the SpartanTalent tabs.

Employees and supervisors will use the form in ePosition to draft position descriptions for use when initiating an action in Spartan Talent. Position description information can be cut and pasted from this document into the appropriate ePosition fields for staff actions.

To request a change in career band/level and/or classification, create a Modify Position Description action. See the appropriate Position Management User Guide for more information.

An Organizational Chart must be attached to all staff position actions. The organizational chart should show the reporting hierarchy within the department and must include the position title, career band (if SHRA), position number, whether the position is EHRA or SHRA, and the employee’s name (for non-vacant position). This helps illustrate the level of responsibility required in the position and informs the classification process.

No, you must create a new action. However, for actions on existing positions that have already been updated and approved, much of the information will populate from the position library.

Actions may be returned if required data or attachments are missing or incomplete. When an action is returned to you, you can check the Action History tab for specific information about what additional information you need.

To access a position description, go to the ePosition module in SpartanTalent, click on the Position Descriptions submenu SHRA, EHRA, or Faculty. Search by title or position number. Find the correct title and click the action link on the right-hand side, then click view.

Position description information is being added to the position library through the actions submitted in SpartanTalent. If no position action has been taken on a position since February 26, 2018, the position description fields will not yet have been populated with this information. Once you take an action on the position and your action is approved, the information will be available when you next access the position library.

For information on getting started in SpartanTalent please review the User Guide on the SpartanTalent website.

Data in JobSearch remains intact and accessible. If you had ongoing recruitments in the system prior to the Go Live of SpartanTalent, the records and applicants who had applied remain in JobSearch. Candidate material review and Hiring Proposals can still be performed in the old system. If a posting needs to be continued, it must be re-posted in Spartan Talent. However, if a recruitment concluded in JobSearch and you would like to begin the selection process, you may do so in the old system.

SHRA – Log in as Initiator and select Position Descriptions >> SHRA. Then select the position you are wanting to update and click the “Update Position Description” action. The reason for the change should be Supervisor Change. Approvers and Initiators of the action will be able to track progress.


EHRA Non-Faculty – Log in as Initiator and select Position Descriptions >> EHRA Non-Faculty. Then select the position you are wanting to update and click the “Modify Position Description” action. The reason for the change should be Supervisor Change. Approvers and Initiators of the action will be able to track progress. For instructions with screen shots click here.

Access to ePosition is determined and requested through your college/division. If you have been designated by your college/division to request access for other users in your college/division, you may do so by contacting

SHRA and EHRA Position Descriptions have historically been maintained in physical form. Our upgrade now allows for the electronic creation and maintenance of position data for these positions. Creation of new positions will take place in the new system. On existing positions, position data will be populated during the first action performed on the position (recruitment, description update, salary adjustment, etc.).

No deadline is currently set to have all position descriptions entered into the system. Priority will be initially given to reviews pending an action on a position (recruitment, description update, title change, salary adjustment, etc.).

ePosition will be used to facilitate the creation, update, and recruitment for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty. For positions with assigned position numbers, a position description will be required in ePosition in order to process requests for updates, title changes, salary adjustments and to initiate recruitments. Faculty will not be managed in ePosition, but recruitment actions will still go through Applicant Tracking.

Training is available to users in several forms:

  • Classroom Training has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the new features of the system and hands-on training/walkthrough of the workflows, processes, and forms included in the position creation, update, recruitment, and selection processes. Training is scheduled periodically and can be accessed for registration through the e-Learning system.
  • Manuals/Documentation have been created to provide an anytime, anywhere reference for SpartanTalent. These manuals will continue to be updated as modifications and enhancements are made to the SpartanTalent system.
  • Video Demonstrations (currently in progress) will be available for audio-visual demonstration of key processes and functionality. Videos will be accompanied by narration to offer step-by-step instructions for accomplishing common items in the system.

Please visit for more information.

Position actions are now entered and routed electronically for review in ePosition system. Please go to the following link to access the system and begin entering the action: SpartanTalent Temporary recruitments will not require position descriptions housed in the system; however, ePosition will serve as the recruitment and selection system for Temporary recruitments.

No, all temporary recruitments are handled through applicant tracking. The electronic application is the only one that should be accepted. A position description in ePosition is not required for temporary position recruitments and actions will be initiated in the Applicant Tracking module of the system. Each college/division has identified employees who will review, and post temporary recruitments.

First check to make sure you are logged in under the correct User Group. Individuals who have multiple user groups will have a drop-down menu bar in the upper right hand corner to select from. Once you’ve changed your user type you will be able to see your positions. If you need assistance, please contact