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COVID-19 Leave

The COVID-19 leave options below are effective from January 3, 2022 until further notice.


Employees may continue to receive COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave under the following conditions:

  • The employee is subject to a quarantine order, or has been advised to self-quarantine, or isolate, by a health care provider or public health official, and the University determines that the employee cannot telework.
    • Employees may receive up to 80 hours of COVID-19 paid administrative leave for the absences prior to using any accrued personal leave (i.e., sick, vacation, bonus, etc.) and/or compensatory time.
    • Once these 80 hours have been exhausted, the employee must use their accrued personal leave and/or compensatory time for the absences.
    • If the employee has exhausted their accrued personal leave and/or compensatory time, then the employee may receive an additional 80 hours of COVID-19 paid administrative leave for the absence.
    • Once an employee uses 160 hours of COVID-19 paid leave, and has exhausted all personal leave, the employee would be in leave without pay status.
  • Use of this COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave for the purposes listed above is cumulative from March 16, 2020. If an employee used FFCRA emergency paid sick leave in 2020 for any of the reasons listed above, then those hours must be deducted from any remaining COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave.


  • Permanent and temporary employees may use paid time to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine during work hours with supervisor approval. This is paid work time and does not count against the COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave, or any other leave type, and does not need to be recorded on timesheets or leave reports.
  • COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave may be used if an employee experiences a reaction to their vaccination, either on the day of the vaccination or the following day. This leave may be applied retroactively to January 1, 2021. Employees must use their accrued personal leave for reactions that are experienced beyond the day after vaccination.


Through December 31, 2021, employees may use accrued sick leave, vacation leave, and bonus leave interchangeably for COVID-19-related absences (i.e., child/elder care, cannot telework, etc.).


Please visit UNC Greensboro’s Coronavirus Updates website for information and resources related to the pandemic, including testing opportunities and vaccine clinic locations.

We ask that all individuals, including those who have been vaccinated, continue to self-report if they are exposed to the virus or if they develop symptoms. We have added a question to the self-report tool that allows you to indicate that you have been vaccinated. A member of Human Resources (for staff), Faculty Personnel Services (for faculty), or Student Health Services (for students) will contact individuals who self-report to help determine leave eligibility and when the individual can return to the workplace.

NOTE: Employees who have a communicable disease, or symptoms of a communicable disease, are required to stay home, and must not return to onsite work until they are fully recovered in accordance with current CDC or NC Division of Public Health guidelines.

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