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Human Resources Files and Forms

The following is a repository of all of the files an forms that show up throughout the entire Human Resources website. The table is organized by individual HR units and is fully searchable using the search bar found below. Click on the table headers to sort the table alphabetically by that specific header.

Form NameLast UpdatedFile TypeHR Unit
Flexible Schedule/Telework Plan and Agreement2/21/2022DOCXEmployment
Complaint Intake FormPDFAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
UNCG Performance Improvement PlanPDFEmployee Relations
Office Address Change Request FormLINKEmployment
Code Listings of BuildingsLINKEmployment
Code Listings of Divisions, Units, DepartmentsLINKEmployment
Routing Instructions for EAF FormsPDFEmployment
EAF - Changes in Existing Employees StatusDOCXEmployment
EAF - Special AssignmentDOCXEmployment
Secondary Employment FormPDFEmployment
Affiliated Persons Request FormDOCXEmployment
Instructions for BHR-Undergraduate Hourly Change FormPDFStudent Personnel
Instructions for BHR-Undergraduate Flat Pay Change FormPDFStudent Personnel
Instructions for BHR-Graduate Hourly Change FormPDFStudent Personnel
Instructions for FWS-Federal Work Study Student Action FormPDFStudent Personnel
FWS Work Schedule FormPDFStudent Personnel
BHR-Undergraduate Hourly Change FormPDFStudent Personnel
BHR-Undergraduate Flat Pay Change FormPDFStudent Personnel
BHR-Graduate Hourly Change FormPDFStudent Personnel
FWS-Federal Work Study Action FormPDFStudent Personnel
Departmental Request for Background Authorization FormLINKRecruitment
SHRA/EHRA Temporary New Hire RequestDOCXRecruitment
RIF Plan TemplateXLSXEmployee Relations
Board of Governor's Salary Increase Pre-Approval ProcessPDFClass. & Comp.
Dual Employment FormLINKClass. & Comp.
Reduction in Force PlanXLSXEmployee Relations
SHRA Separation Checklist4/18/2022
PDFEmployee Relations
Supervisor's Checklist for Separating a SHRA EmployeePDFEmployee Relations
SHRA Non-Exempt Timesheet - 202311/14/2022XLSXLeave Management
Exempt Employee Monthly Leave Report - 202311/14/2022XLSXLeave Management
Hourly Student Employee Timesheet - 202311/14/2022XLSXLeave Management
Hourly Temp Timesheet - 202311/14/2022XLSXLeave Management
SHRA Non-Exempt Timesheet - 202411/28/2023XLSXLeave Management
Exempt Employee Monthly Leave Report - 202411/28/2023XLSXLeave Management
Hourly Student Employee Timesheet - 202411/28/2023XLSXLeave Management
Hourly Temp Timesheet - 202411/28/2023XLSXLeave Management
SHRA Special Assignment TimesheetXLSXLeave Management
Certification for Family Medical LeaveDOCXLeave Management
Certification for Qualifying Exigency for Military Family LeaveDOCXLeave Management
Instructions for Voluntary Shared Leave Application ProcessPDFLeave Management
Voluntary Shared Leave Application FormPDFLeave Management
Voluntary Shared Leave Donor FormDOCXLeave Management
Voluntary Shared Leave Nomination FormDOCXLeave Management
Instructions for Enrolling or Making Changes OnlineLINKBenefits
Enroll or Change NCFlex Benefits OnlineLINKBenefits
All NCFlex FormsLINKBenefits
All ORP FormsLINKBenefits
Service Buyback Estimate FormsLINKBenefits
State Retirement Plan FormsLINKBenefits
Salary Reduction Agreement Form (403b)06/02/2023PDFBenefits
Paid Parental Leave Request FormPDFBenefits
Voluntary Salary Deferral Agreement Form (457b)06/02/2023PDFBenefits
SHRA Performance PlanDOCXPerformance Management
SHRA Off-Cycle Review FormDOCXPerformance Management
SHRA Performance Appraisal FormDOCXPerformance Management
EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation FormDOCXPerformance Management
Employee Self AppraisalDOCXPerformance Management
Employee Self Talent Development PlanDOCXPerformance Management
ADA Accommodation Request PacketPDFADA
Employee Statement and Leave OptionsDOCXWorkers' Compensation
Injury Data CollectionPDFWorkers' Compensation
Form 301 - Accident/Injury/Illness Investigation ReportDOCXWorkers' Compensation
Gladys Strawn Bullard AwardPDFAward Program Nomination
Staff Excellence AwardPDFAward Program Nomination
Betty Hardin Award for Excellence NominationLINKAward Program Nomination
Emergency Loan Fund Form (ELF)PDFMiscellaneous
Employee Mobile Communications Device (MCD) Allowance Earnings Authorization FormPDFMiscellaneous
Payroll Forms - Financial Services/PayrollLINKNon-HR
Faculty Personnel Forms - ProvostLINKNon-HR