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EHRA Temporary Recruitment

Hiring EHRA Non-Faculty Temporary Staff via Human Resources

Initiating the Process

Hiring Managers must complete the SHRA/EHRA Temporary New Hire Request Form and submit via email to Cati Munoz Caruthers ( in Human Resources to confirm the classification and salary for each hire.

HR Approval Process

The hiring manager will receive an email from Human Resources.

Completion of the Background Check Process

When an offer of employment is accepted, the hiring manager MUST fully complete and submit the Departmental Request for Background Check Authorization form electronically.

Temporary EHRA employees are NOT allowed to begin work without notification from Human Resources that a background check has been successfully processed without an adverse impact on employment.

Completion of the Hiring Process (for Hiring Manager/Department)

Upon notification of the satisfactory background check, the hiring manager must complete and submit the following to Human Resources:

Existing Employees with Banner ID#:

Non-Existing Employees without Banner ID#:

Completion of the Hiring Process (for EHRA Temporary Employee)

The temporary employee is required to visit Human Resources on or before the established first day of work to complete the Form I-9.

The employee must bring original acceptable documentation for identity and employment authorization to present during this visit.

Employees moving from student employment to temporary employment are required to complete a new Form I-9 with Human Resources.

The temporary employee must complete and submit the required tax documents and direct deposit forms to the Payroll Office.

How to Reactivate an EHRA Temp Employee

Hiring managers that wish to rehire an EHRA temporary employee that has had a break in service from the University should follow the below guidelines:

  • Requesting to reactivate with no change to prior approved classification, FTE hours per week, and/or salary rate must complete and submit the appropriate reactivate EPAF: Reactivate Appointment with End or Reactivate Appointment with End Date C&G, ERTRCB.
  • Requesting to reactivate with a change to the prior approved classification, FTE hours per week, and/or salary rate, must communicate with Human Resources to initiate a new job approval and receive further instructions. Contact Cati Munoz Caruthers in Human Resources at 336.334.5009 or via email at
  • The EHRA temporary employee being considered must complete and submit a new Departmental Request for Background Check Authorization form for satisfactory clearance before they can begin work at UNCG if the current background check is older than 12 months.

How to Separate an EHRA Temporary Employee

Hiring departments that wish to separate an EHRA temporary employee prior to the established assignment end date should send an email notification to HR Operations at

The email should include the following information:

  • Employee’s Name
  • University ID Number
  • Position Number and Suffix (ex. T99996 00)
  • Expected Last Work Day
  • Brief statement outlining reason for early termination

Upon receipt of email notification, Human Resources will delete the original termination date record in Banner on the position and inform the department to submit the EPAF: Faculty/Staff/Student Changing or Terminating Job @ UNCG to enter the new termination record for separation.

Note: In the Comments section of the EPAF, the department must include a brief explanation outlining the reason for early termination.

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