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Human Resources Policies

The following is a repository of all of the policies provided by the Office of Human Resources. Additional UNCG policies can be found on the official University Policies page.

The table is fully searchable using the search bar found below. Click on the table headers to sort the table alphabetically by that specific header.

Policy NamePolicy Category
Reasonable Accommodations in EmploymentAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity PolicyAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Unlawful Workplace HarassmentAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Reasonable Accomodation PolicyAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity FundamentalsAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
AIDS in the WorkplaceAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Discriminatory ConductAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Policy on Undue FavoritismAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Title IXAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Unlawful Workplace Harassment PlanAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Dissemination of the Affirmative Action PolicyAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Designation of ResponsibilityAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Identification of Problem Areas and Action-Oriented ProgramsAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Establishment of GoalsAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Internal Audit and Reporting SystemsAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Compliance with Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Religion or National OriginAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Conflicts of Interest and Commitment PolicyAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Conflicts of Interest ProceduresAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Interpersonal RelationshipsAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Undue FavoritismAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Compliance with Sex Discrimination GuidelinesAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Support of Local and Community Action Programs and Community Service ProgramsAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Temporary Employment PolicyRecruitment & Selection
Policy on Background CheckRecruitment & Selection
Guidelines for Recruitment & Selection of Staff Employees Subject to the State Personnel ActRecruitment & Selection
Priority Reemployment for RIF EmployeesRecruitment & Selection
Promotion PriorityRecruitment & Selection
Recruitment and Posting of VacanciesRecruitment & Selection
Selection of ApplicantsRecruitment & Selection
Veteran's PreferenceRecruitment & Selection
Workforce PlanningRecruitment & Selection
Fraudulent Job Application RegulationsRecruitment & Selection
Additional On-Campus Employment (Special Assignment)Employment & Records
I-9/E-Verify and Employment EligibilityEmployment & Records
Public Records PolicyEmployment & Records
Flexible Work SchedulesEmployment & Records
Creditable ServiceEmployment & Records
Dual EmploymentEmployment & Records
Employment ContractsEmployment & Records
Employment OffersEmployment & Records
Limitation of Political ActivityEmployment & Records
Personnel RecordsEmployment & Records
Probationary/Trainee/Permanent Appointments and Career StatusEmployment & Records
Secondary EmploymentEmployment & Records
Flexible Work and Telework ProceduresEmployment & Records
Flexible Work and Teleworking Arrangement PolicyEmployment & Records
Work SchedulesEmployment & Records
Volunteer AdministrationEmployment & Records
Summary of Policies Applicable to Employees Exempt from the State Personnel ActEmployment & Records
Senior Academic and Administrative OfficersEmployment & Records
SAAOs on External Professional Activities for Pay and Honorara RegulationsEmployment & Records
SAAOs (Tier II), Personnel PoliciesEmployment & Records
SAAOs Evaluation of Positions for Designation As Senior Academic and Administrative OfficerEmployment & Records
SAAOs RegulationsEmployment & Records
Initial ClassificationClassification & Compensation
New AppointmentsClassification & Compensation
Career Banding TermsClassification & Compensation
Holiday Premium PayClassification & Compensation
Overtime Policy for SHRA Non-Exempt, SHRA Exempt, and EHRA EmployeesClassification & Compensation
Longevity PayClassification & Compensation
On-Call/Emergency Call-BackClassification & Compensation
Payment to SHRA Employees for TeachingClassification & Compensation
Shift Premium PayClassification & Compensation
Compensation beyond Contract for EHRA Faculty & Nonfaculty Employees - PolicyClassification & Compensation
Compensation beyond Contract for EHRA Faculty & Nonfaculty Employees - GuidelinesClassification & Compensation
The University of North Carolina Adverse Weather and Emergency Event PolicyLeave
Civil Leave and Job Related ProceedingsLeave
SHRA - Communicable Disease EmergencyLeave
EHRA Non-faculty - Communicable Disease EmergencyLeave
Community Service Leave ProgramLeave
SHRA Compensatory LeaveLeave
SHRA Educational LeaveLeave
SHRA Family Illness LeaveLeave
UNCG Family & Medical Leave PolicyLeave
OSHR Family & Medical Leave PolicyLeave
SHRA - Leave Without PayLeave
EHRA Non-faculty - Leave Without PayLeave
SAAO - Leave Without PayLeave
Military LeaveLeave
SHRA Other Management Approved LeaveLeave
Sick LeaveLeave
SHRA - Special Leave AwardsLeave
EHRA Non-faculty - Special Annual Leave BonusLeave
SAAO - Special Annual Leave BonusLeave
SHRA - Vacation LeaveLeave
EHRA Non-faculty - Vacation LeaveLeave
SAAO - Vacation LeaveLeave
SHRA - Voluntary Shared LeaveLeave
EHRA Non-faculty - Voluntary Shared LeaveLeave
Workers' Compensation LeaveLeave
Paid Parental Leave (.pdf)Leave
Other BenefitsBenefits
Payroll ServicesBenefits
Unemployment InsuranceBenefits
Disciplinary Actions, Suspension and DismissalDisciplinary
University SHRA Grievance PolicyEmployee Relations, Disciplinary Process, Grievance/Appeals
Appeal Guidelines for Designated EHRA-NF (Professional) EmployeesEmployee Relations, Disciplinary Process, Grievance/Appeals
AIDS in the WorkplaceWorkplace Environment & Health
Workers' Compensation Program MemorandumWorkplace Environment & Health
Workers' Compensation LeaveWorkplace Environment & Health
Employee Development Policy StatementEmployee Development/Training
SHRA - Academic Assistance ProgramEmployee Development/Training
SHRA - Academic Assistance Program Application FormEmployee Development/Training
EHRA - Academic Assistance ProgramEmployee Development/Training
EHRA - Academic Assistance Application FormEmployee Development/Training
Certified Public Manager ProgramEmployee Development/Training
Tuition WaiverEmployee Development/Training
SHRA Performance Management SystemPerformance Management
Performance Evaluation of EHRA Non-Faculty Employees​ Performance Management
Guidelines for Appeal Process for Performance Management & Performance Pay ProgramPerformance Management
Reduction in ForceSeparation
Severance Salary ContinuationSeparation
Types of SeparationSeparation
SHRA Separation PolicySeparation
Administrative Separation and/or Retreat to a Faculty PositionSeparation
EHRA Non-Faculty - Section IV. Discontinuations of Employment in Covered PositionsSeparation
SAAO - Section IV. Discontinuation of EmploymentSeparation
Betty Hardin Award for Excellence in Business AffairsAwards Programs
Gladys Strawn Bullard AwardsAwards Programs
Governor's Awards for Excellence PolicyAwards Programs
Staff Excellence AwardsAwards Programs
UNCG Service Recognition ProgramAwards Programs
Accepting Gifts & Favors from ContractorsMiscellaneous
Emergency Loan Fund (ELF) PolicyMiscellaneous
Limitation of Political ActivityMiscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions of the Criminal Law Pertaining Specifically to State EmployeesMiscellaneous
Mobile Communications Device (MCD) AllowancesMiscellaneous
Policy on Illegal DrugsMiscellaneous
Policy on UNCG Utilities/Buildings ShutdownMiscellaneous
Protection for Reporting Alleged Improper ActivitiesMiscellaneous
Smoking PolicyMiscellaneous
Use of Alcoholic Beverages by Employees and Unaffiliated Groups on the Campus of UNCGMiscellaneous
Verification of Identity & Employment AuthorizationMiscellaneous
Violence in the Workplace Policy StatementMiscellaneous
Employment of Related Persons (Anti-Nepotism Policy)Miscellaneous
Implementing Anti-Nepotism Policy GuidelinesMiscellaneous