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Professional learning and organizational development are dynamic processes sharing the goal of University achievements and student success. This webpage serves as your one-stop-shop for professional, personal and organizational improvement. We invite you to expand your abilities to improve job performance, prepare for your “next” job role, and discover more opportunities for job satisfaction and engagement in the UNCG community across campus by using this webpage.

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L&D Workshops

Professional Development

All courses in the HR Professional Development catalog are FREE to UNCG employees unless otherwise stated.

We encourage you to invest in yourself and others so that we can more easily create a positive effect and help to retain the best and brightest while also transforming the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and communities we serve.

Courses are held during regular business hours and most courses take place in the Human Resources training room (Bryan 113). There must be a minimum of 5 participants registered the course to be held. If the minimum participation is not met within 24 hours of the course it will be canceled and all registered participants will receive notification.

If you are not a UNCG employee and are interested in attending a course, please submit a request to attend via this form.


With input from leaders across campus, UNCG Learning and Organizational Development offers a series of workshops highly recommended for supervisors of EHRA Non-Faculty and SHRA employees.

The certificate program consists of ten (10) 2-hour workshops held weekly over a 10-week period. Make-up classes will be available, but it is recommended that you attend all ten classes consecutively.

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Purposeful Leadership

“Purposeful Leadership,” engages campus leadership who supervise or have oversight of others, in a journey of exploration and inspiration designed to develop more meaningful and productive working relationships with their staffs. The program consists of two workshops designed to help leaders improve directive and supportive behaviors by learning how and when to use various styles of leadership when managing the performance of direct reports; understand how to handle disagreements and high-stakes, sensitive conversations which may be keeping staff members from accomplishing superior performance; develop a dynamic skill-set that will allow leaders to appropriately manage any situation with nearly any staff member–despite professional challenges involving power, position or authority; and stay on the fast track to success by dynamically leading employees according to their varying levels of competence and commitment.

Personal Development

Personal development is focused on well-being. Well-being is about much more than physical health. It is an eight-dimensional balancing act that leaves us best able to cope with anxiety-driven situations, build rewarding relationships, and live with a sense of purpose and integrity.

Organizational Development

Organization Development (OD) seeks to assist organizations within UNCG to reach their full potential. Advancing the development of organizational efficiency and effectiveness, OD supports the university’s Giant Steps Toward Transformation with programs that leverage continuous improvement by promoting an organizational culture that values and aligns with the institutional goals.

OD training longer-term programs are often organized around such topics as team building, intergroup conflict resolution, conducting interactive and interesting meetings, effective interpersonal communication, processes of personal growth, job enrichment, goal setting, role-playing, power equalization, sensitivity training and unblocking communication channels.