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Congratulations to all 2020 UNCG Service Pin recipients! Select a division from the dropdown menu above to view recipients. Only divisions with this year's recipients are listed. If you have any questions regarding the list, please review the eligibility guidelines below and contact with any questions or comments.

UNCG Service Pin

Eligibility Guidelines

  • ❖ Employees who complete 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years of cumulative service to UNCG are eligible to receive a special commemorative lapel pin that indicates their years of service.
  • ❖ Because service pins are awarded during the month of May each year, eligibility status is calculated based on a person achieving five years or multiples of five years of service between May 2 of the previous year and May 1 of the year in which the service pin is awarded.
    • ♦ Example: If you were hired on October 1, 1994, you would have become eligible for a 15 year service pin on October 1, 2009 and would receive your 15 year service pin in May of 2010.
  • ❖ Employees who have had breaks in service at UNCG are eligible to have their total service combined to determine years of service towards qualifying for a UNCG service pin. If you have had a break in service, please notify the HR Ops ( so that the total years of service can be accounted for.

Academic Affairs

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Andersen, MartinAcademic AffairsEconomics
5Bretz, HeidiAcademic AffairsInternational Program Center
5Burkhardt, DallasAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
5Davis, BenjaminAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
5Dollar, Cindy BrooksAcademic AffairsSociology
5Drew, LauraAcademic AffairsGraduate School
5Dunn, DanaAcademic AffairsSociology
5Flanagan, BrittAcademic AffairsNursing
5Fowler, JudyAcademic AffairsKinesiology
5Harlow, SamanthaAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
5Hoffman, GregoryAcademic AffairsDean's Office - ED
5Hofling, Ana PaulaAcademic AffairsSchool of Dance
5Huebner, DanielAcademic AffairsSociology
5Keen Hock, RenaAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
5Keyser, DerekAcademic AffairsClassical Studies
5Le Blanc, RobynAcademic AffairsClassical Studies
5Leonard, GabrielleAcademic AffairsDean's Office - ED
5Li, HanAcademic AffairsBiology
5Lim, MirandaAcademic AffairsOnline Learning - Summer
5Lindquist, SebastianAcademic AffairsInterior Architecture
5Masters, AmyAcademic AffairsSchool of Dance
5McCollister, NicklausAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
5McConnell, ValerieAcademic AffairsWeatherspoon Art Museum
5McMillan, BradfordAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
5McNamara, ElizabethAcademic AffairsPolitical Science
5Morris, CarrieAcademic AffairsCounseling and Edu Development
5Nachman, BrettAcademic AffairsAnthropology
5Pickett, SarahAcademic AffairsBusiness and Econ Student Svcs
5Pickett, StephanieAcademic AffairsAdult Health Nursing
5Price, JerriAcademic AffairsDean's Office - NN
5Reifsteck, ErinAcademic AffairsKinesiology
5Rhodes, DanielAcademic AffairsSocial Work
5Riggins, RhodusAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
5Ryndak, DianeAcademic AffairsSpecialized Education Services
5Springs, DanielleAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
5Stanley, CarolynAcademic AffairsKinesiology
5Sugawara, YoseiAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
5Terbush, KimberlyAcademic AffairsWeatherspoon Art Museum
5Thacker, JuanitaAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
5Titlebaum, KimberlyAcademic AffairsAnthropology
5Toomes, DerekAcademic AffairsInterior Architecture
5Torres, MarujaAcademic AffairsInterior Architecture
5Turner, PaigeAcademic AffairsOnline Learning - Online Edu
5Van Hasselt, MartijnAcademic AffairsEconomics
5Willie, EricAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
5Zhang, DanaAcademic AffairsInst Research-Analytics
10Applegarth, RisaAcademic AffairsEnglish
10Bagley, MarjorieAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
10Cabello Hutt, ClaudiaAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
10Cervenak, SarahAcademic AffairsWomen's Gender and Sexuality
10Clarke, BenAcademic AffairsEnglish
10Coward, CallieAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
10Dale, JennyAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
10Dharod, JignaAcademic AffairsNutrition
10Eger, AlexanderAcademic AffairsHistory
10Falciano, DeanaAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
10Gabriel, DeniseAcademic AffairsSchool of Theatre
10Gamble, JoelAcademic AffairsDean's Office - VP
10Glenn Manigault, CeriseAcademic AffairsCommunication Studies
10Gonzalez, LauraAcademic AffairsTeacher Educ and Higher Educ
10Gustafson, ElaineAcademic AffairsWeatherspoon Art Museum
10Gwynn, DavidAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
10Johnson, MelissaAcademic AffairsMiddle College
10Jones, MatthewAcademic AffairsInterior Architecture
10Jones, HollyAcademic AffairsEnglish
10Journell, WayneAcademic AffairsTeacher Educ and Higher Educ
10Lim, GaryAcademic AffairsEnglish
10Matteson, MichaelAcademic AffairsPhilosophy
10Oberlies, NicholasAcademic AffairsChemistry & Biochemistry
10Rock, MarciaAcademic AffairsSpecialized Education Services
10Sametz, LynnAcademic AffairsGeography/Environment/Sustain
10Smith, KatheleneAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
10Stein, GabrielaAcademic AffairsPsychology
10Symonds, AnneAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
10Tan, EdnaAcademic AffairsTeacher Educ and Higher Educ
10Terry, KimberlyAcademic AffairsSpecialized Education Services
10Wasserberg, GideonAcademic AffairsBiology
15Bayonas, MaricheAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
15Blacknall, KivetteAcademic AffairsBiology
15Bunch, RickAcademic AffairsGeography/Environment/Sustain
15Christman, KristenAcademic AffairsCommunication Studies
15Coakley, TanyaAcademic AffairsSocial Work
15Craft, AnnaAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
15Englert, BobAcademic AffairsDean's Office - BE
15Etnier, JenniferAcademic AffairsKinesiology
15FULLER, DEAcademic AffairsOnline Learning - Online Edu
15Griggs, CarolAcademic AffairsSOE - Student Services Office
15Gupta, SatAcademic AffairsMathematics and Statistics
15Haas, ChipAcademic AffairsSchool of Theatre
15Heyn, MauraAcademic AffairsClassical Studies
15Hurst, DowAcademic AffairsChemistry & Biochemistry
15Johnson, SusanAcademic AffairsPolitical Science
15Jones, BobbieAcademic AffairsOnline Learning - Summer
15Kinefuchi, EtsukoAcademic AffairsCommunication Studies
15Kordsmeier, JuliaAcademic AffairsNursing
15La Paro, KarenAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
15Levesque, CarrieAcademic AffairsAssociate Dean Programs
15Loreth, JuliaAcademic AffairsBiology
15Maki, WadeAcademic AffairsPhilosophy
15Marcovitch, StuartAcademic AffairsPsychology
15Martin, MeganAcademic AffairsDean's Office - ED
15Mayo, RobertAcademic AffairsComm Sciences and Disorders
15Murphy, ArthurAcademic AffairsAnthropology
15Needham, DarinleeAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
15Patel, YashomatiAcademic AffairsBiology
15Podlas, KimberlianneAcademic AffairsMedia Studies
15Poole, KellyAcademic AffairsSocial Work
15Reggio, PatriciaAcademic AffairsChemistry & Biochemistry
15Seabrook-Spencer, LeahAcademic AffairsPartnership School
15Sobsey, LeahAcademic AffairsSchool of Art
15Stack, TuishaAcademic AffairsMBA Office
15Stephan, MariamAcademic AffairsSchool of Art
15Sultana, SelimaAcademic AffairsGeography/Environment/Sustain
15Swann, ChristopherAcademic AffairsEconomics
15Teachout, DavidAcademic AffairsUniv Tchg and Learning Commons
15Thomas, ChristopherAcademic AffairsSchool of Art
15Thompson, EllaAcademic AffairsSpecial Support Services
15Uselman, ConnieAcademic AffairsDean's Office - BE
15Watchravesringkan, KittichaiAcademic AffairsConsumer Apparel-Retail Stds
15Wauford, DebbieAcademic AffairsSociology
20Amos, MaryAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
20Anderson, JamesAcademic AffairsHistory
20Byers, ShannonAcademic AffairsClassical Studies
20Chhetri, MayaAcademic AffairsMathematics and Statistics
20Colbert, M.Academic AffairsPolitical Science
20Cooper, JewellAcademic AffairsDean's Office - ED
20Cox, RichardAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
20Crane, KennethAcademic AffairsWeatherspoon Art Museum
20Duffy, LiamAcademic AffairsChemistry & Biochemistry
20Fix, LorieAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
20Gabriel, TrinaAcademic AffairsOnline Learning - Online Edu
20Green, NancyAcademic AffairsComputer Science
20Haines, SteveAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
20Hinshaw, ScottAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
20Hopson, DennisAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
20Horley, MaryAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
20Hunter, AndreaAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
20Iyer, VenkataramanAcademic AffairsAccounting and Finance
20Jones, JanineAcademic AffairsPhilosophy
20Kennedy, TerryAcademic AffairsEnglish
20Macfie, KathleenAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
20McKoy, ConstanceAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
20Miller, MelissaAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
20Nelson, JamesAcademic AffairsGeography/Environment/Sustain
20Paschal, RobinAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
20Ritter, SherryAcademic AffairsNutrition
20ROBERSON, ANGIEAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
20Sarbaum, JeffreyAcademic AffairsEconomics
20Schug, MalcolmAcademic AffairsBiology
20Scott-Little, CatherineAcademic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family Studies
20Stusek, StevenAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
20Taylor, PamelaAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
20Warfford, AnitaAcademic AffairsDean's Office - AS
20Weyler, KarenAcademic AffairsEnglish
20Whitley, AndreaAcademic AffairsOffice of the Provost
25Ananian, MichaelAcademic AffairsSchool of Art
25Barr, MatthewAcademic AffairsMedia Studies
25Bucknall, TimothyAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
25Bucknall, NancyAcademic AffairsCAS Advising Center (CASA)
25Burnes, DennisAcademic AffairsChemistry & Biochemistry
25Burns, MichaelAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
25Corum, MeganAcademic AffairsBiology
25Dorsey, SarahAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
25Flood, ChristineAcademic AffairsAshby Residential College
25Haddy, AliceAcademic AffairsChemistry & Biochemistry
25Hellen, EdwardAcademic AffairsPhysics and Astronomy
25Kellett, PeteAcademic AffairsCommunication Studies
25Loving, BruceAcademic AffairsOnline Learning - Online Edu
25Martin, SoniaAcademic AffairsGraduate School
25Perdue, AnnAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
25Pratap, PromodAcademic AffairsPhysics and Astronomy
25Rawls, ScottAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
25Rothermel, CathyAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
25Sadri, FereidoonAcademic AffairsComputer Science
25Smith, AmyAcademic AffairsUniversity Libraries
25Tolbert, LisaAcademic AffairsHistory
25Willis, AndrewAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
30Burke, KellyAcademic AffairsGraduate School
30Campo, RobertoAcademic AffairsLanguages Lit and Cultures
30Cody, AlbertAcademic AffairsDean's Office - HH
30Cullen, JulieAcademic AffairsMedia Studies
30Frierson, MichaelAcademic AffairsMedia Studies
30Kennedy-Malone (Dr.), LaurieAcademic AffairsFamily and Community Nursing
30LeFevre, CarlaAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
30Salmon, JohnAcademic AffairsSchool of Music
30Sink, A.Academic AffairsPolitical Science
35Bibeau, DanielAcademic AffairsPublic Health Education
35Cowen, KayAcademic AffairsNursing
35Leyden, DennisAcademic AffairsEconomics
35Snowden, KennethAcademic AffairsEconomics


UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Chappell, MurphieChancellorTitle IX
5Kane, MartinChancellorUniversity Communications
35Skeen, DonaldChancellorInternal Audit

Enrollment Management

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
10Bunch, ChelseaEnrollment ManagementUniversity Registrar's Office
10Toler, DebraEnrollment ManagementFinancial Aid
15Castellon, KattyaEnrollment ManagementUndergraduate Admissions
25Henderson, JanaEnrollment ManagementUndergraduate Admissions
25Tollefson, DeborahEnrollment ManagementFinancial Aid

Finance and Administration

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Dezearn, JefferyFinance and AdministrationFacility Services Housekeeping
5Foster, VirginiaFinance and AdministrationOffice of the Controller
5Hyatt, ZacharyFinance and AdministrationWaste Reduction and Recycling
5Jordan, ElizabethFinance and AdministrationFacilities Operations
5Loflin, QuitaFinance and AdministrationOffice of the Controller
5McFayden, CharlesFinance and AdministrationUtility Operations
5Nelson, AmandaFinance and AdministrationSpace Utilization and Planning
5Permar, JenniferFinance and AdministrationUNCG Human Resources
5Ratcliffe, RichardFinance and AdministrationUtility Operations
5Rodriguez, CristianFinance and AdministrationBuildings and Trades
5Rogers, RhondaFinance and AdministrationUNCG Human Resources
5Rouse, TimothyFinance and AdministrationDesign and Construction
5Soter, JonFinance and AdministrationFacilities Operations
5Stewart, WilliamFinance and AdministrationEmergency Management
5Trantham, TaylorFinance and AdministrationPublic Safety & Police
5Tuck, SteveFinance and AdministrationFacility Services Housekeeping
5Young, JaimeFinance and AdministrationPublic Safety & Police
10Bertolotti, GeorgeFinance and AdministrationPublic Safety & Police
10Hodges, GregFinance and AdministrationPlanning Performance and Tech
10Isley, JeromeFinance and AdministrationWaste Reduction and Recycling
10Williams, ChristopherFinance and AdministrationParking Services
15Amaglo, KoamiFinance and AdministrationFacility Services Housekeeping
15Cook, AmyFinance and AdministrationCashiers and Student Accounts
15Elmore, JanetFinance and AdministrationFacilities Operations
15Hedrick, BrendaFinance and AdministrationUNCG Human Resources
15Jenkins, FrancesFinance and AdministrationFacility Services Housekeeping
15Leung, JenniferFinance and AdministrationFin Planning and Budgets
15Lyall, IvanFinance and AdministrationFacilities Operations
15McLean, YolandaFinance and AdministrationContract and Grant Accounting
15Miles, EbonyFinance and AdministrationOffice of the Controller
15Tillman, WilliamFinance and AdministrationUtility Operations
20Blackmon, GlendneilFinance and AdministrationUNCG Human Resources
20Bullard, KelleyFinance and AdministrationOffice of the Controller
20Farrell, SeanFinance and AdministrationUNCG Human Resources
20Graves, JoyceFinance and AdministrationPublic Safety & Police
20Holcomb, JanetFinance and AdministrationDept of Env Health and Safety
20Miller, ChristopherFinance and AdministrationUtility Operations
20Mitchell, R. ToddFinance and AdministrationCashiers and Student Accounts
25Farrior, ChristianFinance and AdministrationTech Planning and Operations
25Graham, WalterFinance and AdministrationFacility Services Housekeeping
30Ledbetter, VeraFinance and AdministrationFixed Assets

Gateway Research Park

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
30Benton, GregoryGateway Research ParkGateway Research Park

Intercollegiate Athletics

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Gross, JeffreyIntercollegiate AthleticsIntercollegiate Athletics
10Martin, PatrickIntercollegiate AthleticsIntercollegiate Athletics
10McCloy, JayIntercollegiate AthleticsIntercollegiate Athletics
10Record, KimberlyIntercollegiate AthleticsIntercollegiate Athletics

Information Technology Services

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Ferriter, JimmyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
5Harrison, BrittanyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
5Hiatt, MandyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
5Nevedal, SaraInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
5Sanders, AndrewInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
10Canter, DavidInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
10Gwinnett, ChristopherInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
10Thompson, AustinInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
10Wangelin, ChrisInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Astbury, Sandra SuarezInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Church, CathyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Coker, MarkInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Mabe, AmieInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Robards, ScottInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Williams, JeffreyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
15Wingler, AdamInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Franklin, RustyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Gaskill, VickieInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Pilson, TimothyInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Tebault, MarkInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Thompson, VeronicaInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Trolinger, SorayaInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
20Walker, KerryInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
25Griffin, MichelleInformation Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services
25Ridenhour, R.Information Technology ServicesInfo Technology Services

Research and Engagement

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Adams, TamaraResearch and EngagementSponsored Programs
5Edwards, KathleenResearch and EngagementCommunity Engagement
5Groulx, JonathanResearch and EngagementAnimal Facility
5Martinez, MaryResearch and EngagementAnimal Facility
5Zhang, QibinResearch and EngagementCtr for Transl Biomed Research
10Phillips, LisaResearch and EngagementSERVE
10Szelkowski, JanResearch and EngagementNC Entrepreneurship Center
15Williams, MelissaResearch and EngagementSERVE
35Kallam, RobinResearch and EngagementSERVE

Student Affairs

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Ainesworth, SarahStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
5Baber, KathleenStudent AffairsStudent Health Services
5Clinton, MichaelStudent AffairsCareer & Professional Dev.
5Felka, FodayStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
5Gage, KristinaStudent AffairsLeadership - Civic Engagement
5Hemingway, JamesStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
5Innis, TovaStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
5Johnson, DandralynStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
5Norden, KristinStudent AffairsStudent Health Services
5Schlosser, TracyStudent AffairsStudent Health Services
5Yi, NweStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
10Evans, SuzanneStudent AffairsStudent Health Services
10Gilyard, AnthonyStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
10McMillian, TraciStudent AffairsStudent Health Services
15Bean, SusanStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
15McDaniel, CliftonStudent AffairsRecreation and Wellness
15Shaw, JillStudent AffairsRecreation and Wellness
15Whitfield, ShearinStudent AffairsStudent Health Services
20Delaney, StevenStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
20Shorter, LorettaStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life
25King, ReginaStudent AffairsHousing and Residence Life

University Advancement

UNCG Years of ServiceEmployee NameDivisionDepartment
5Saunders, RobertUniversity AdvancementAdvancement Operations
15Fields, MiriamUniversity AdvancementDevelopment