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HR Business Partners and Employee Relations

The HR Business Partners are responsible for providing comprehensive Human Resources services on human capital issues. The HR Business Partners are HR subject matter experts and serve as the primary contact between departments and/or schools. HR representatives provide expertise in a variety of human resource functions, including, but not limited to: organizational design, workforce allocation, employee relations, organizational/employee development, succession planning, compensation, staffing, benefits, payroll, alternative work arrangements, and recruitment. In addition, the HR representatives will consult with the client organization in evaluating, developing, and implementing practices to ensure effective and consistent human resources management practices and procedures.

The HR Business Partners focus on building strong relationships with HR customers by:

  • Understanding the unit’s discipline, mission, and goals
  • Assisting the unit with long term human capital planning
  • Developing and maintaining a proactive customer advocacy role
  • Providing strategic organizational design and development
  • Serving as a Resource to ensure the departments are in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations
  • Assisting with the implementation of HR strategies and policies
  • For information on who to contact for client services, please refer to the HR staff directory.

Who is my HR Business Partner?

HR Business Partners

DivisionOrganizationHR Business PartnerHR BP EmailHR BP Phone
Academic AffairsAA Technologies and InnovationChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAcademic Administrative SvcsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAccounting and FinanceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAdult Health NursingChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAfrican Amer/African DiasporaChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAnthropologyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsApplied Arts and SciencesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAshby Residential CollegeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAssess-Accred-Acad Prog PlanChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAssociate Dean - ResearchChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsAssociate Dean ProgramsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsBE Graduate Career ServicesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsBiologyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsBusiness and Econ Student SvcsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCAS Advising Center (CASA)Chris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCAS DevelopmentChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCenter for Critical InquiryChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCenter for Industry Res/EngmntChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCEPChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCFNC Resource Center/PathwaysChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsChemistry & BiochemistryChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsClassical StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsComm Sciences and DisordersChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCommunication StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCommunity and Therapeutic RecChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsComputer ScienceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsConsumer Apparel-Retail StdsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCounseling and Edu DevelopmentChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCtr Community-Engaged DesignChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCtr Creatv Writing in the ArtsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCtr for Educ Research and EvalChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsCtr for Womens Health-WellnessChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - ASChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - BEChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - EDChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - HHChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - NNChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - NUChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDean's Office - VPChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsDigital ACT StudioChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsEconomicsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsEd Ldrship and Cultural FoundChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsEd Research MethodologyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsEnglishChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsExecutive EducationChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsFaculty GovernanceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsFamily and Community NursingChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsFamily Research CenterChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsGenetic CounselingChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsGeography/Environment/SustainChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsGlobal PathwayChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsGraduate Recruitment OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsGraduate SchoolChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsGrogan Residential CollegeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsHealthyUNCGChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsHHS DevelopmentChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsHHS Grad - Undergrad ProgramsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsHHS Office of ResearchChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsHistoryChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsHuman Devlp and Family StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInfo Sys and Supply Chn MngmtChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInformatics and AnalyticsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInst for Prom of Ath Hlth WellChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInst Research-AnalyticsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInterior ArchitectureChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInternational & Global StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInternational Honors CollegeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsInternational Program CenterChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsKinesiologyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsLanguages Lit and CulturesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsLibrary & Information ScienceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsManagementChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMathematics and StatisticsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMBA OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMcDowell Research CenterChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMedia StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMiddle CollegeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMRK/ENT/HTMChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsMultiliteracy CentersChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsNanoscienceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsNew Student Transition and FYEChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsNursingChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsNutritionChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsOffice of the ProvostChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsOnline Learning - Online EduChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsOnline Learning - SummerChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPartnership SchoolChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPeace and Conflict StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPhilosophyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPhysics and AstronomyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPiedmont Triad Ed ConsortiumChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPolitical ScienceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPsychologyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsPublic Health EducationChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsReligious StudiesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsResidential Colleges OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSchool of ArtChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSchool of DanceChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSchool of MusicChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSchool of TheatreChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSocial WorkChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSociologyChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSOE - Partnership OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSOE - Student Services OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSpeaking CenterChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSpecial Support ServicesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsSpecialized Education ServicesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsStrong Residential CollegeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsStudents First OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsTeacher Educ and Higher EducChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsTeaching Fellows ProgramChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsTeaching Innovations OfficeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsTutoring and Aca Skills ProgChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUG Rsrch Schlrshp Creatvty OffChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUNCG AuditoriumChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUNCG GuaranteeChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUNCIRCChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUndergraduate Student SuccessChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUniv Tchg and Learning CommonsChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsUniversity LibrariesChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsWeatherspoon Art MuseumChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsWomen's Gender and SexualityChris 334-9724
Academic AffairsWriting CenterChris 334-9724
ChancellorBoard of TrusteesJeanne 334-5167
ChancellorChancellor's ResidenceJeanne 334-5167
ChancellorGeneral CounselJeanne 334-5167
ChancellorInternal AuditJeanne 334-5167
ChancellorOffice of the ChancellorJeanne 334-5167
ChancellorStrategy and PolicyJeanne 334-5167
ChancellorTitle IXPatrica 334-9725
ChancellorUniversity CommunicationsPatrica 334-9725
Enrollment ManagementEnrollment CommunicationsChristy 334-9855
Enrollment ManagementEnrollment ManagementChristy 334-9855
Enrollment ManagementFinancial AidChristy 334-9855
Enrollment ManagementUndergraduate AdmissionsChristy 334-9855
Enrollment ManagementUniversity Registrar's OfficeChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationAdmin Decision Supt ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationAuxiliary ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationBuildings and TradesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationBusiness ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationCashiers and Student AccountsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationContract and Grant AccountingChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationDepreciationChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationDept of Env Health and SafetyChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationDesign and ConstructionChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationDining ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationEmergency ManagementChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFacilities D&C-DepartmentalChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFacilities OperationsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFacility Services HousekeepingChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFin Planning and BudgetsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFinance and AdministrationChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFixed AssetsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationFoundation FinanceChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationGroundsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationHUB OfficeChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationID CenterChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationInstitutional Risk ManagementChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationOffice of Assoc VC FacilitiesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationOffice of Assoc VC for FinanceChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationOffice of the ControllerChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationParking ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationPlanning Performance and TechChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationPostal ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationProcurement ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationPublic Safety & PoliceChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationSpace Utilization and PlanningChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationSpartan PrintingChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationStaff SenateChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationSustainability OfficeChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationTech Planning and OperationsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationTransportation ManagementChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationUNCG Human ResourcesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationUniversity BookstoreChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationUtility OperationsChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationVending ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationWarehouse and Surplus ServicesChristy 334-9855
Finance and AdministrationWaste Reduction and RecyclingChristy 334-9855
Gateway Research ParkGateway Research ParkChristy 334-9855
Information Technology ServicesInfo Technology ServicesChristy 334-9855
Information Technology ServicesLearning TechnologiesChristy 334-9855
Information Technology ServicesTechnology and Data InstituteChristy 334-9855
Information Technology ServicesTelephone ServicesChristy 334-9855
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletic Dev/Pub AffairsPatrica 334-9725
Intercollegiate AthleticsIntercollegiate AthleticsPatrica 334-9725
Research and EngagementAnimal FacilityChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementCenter-Youth-Families & CommChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementChild and Fam Research NetworkChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementCommunity EngagementChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementComp Trans and Post-Sec EduChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementCTR for Hsing - Comm StudiesChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementCtr for New North CaroliniansChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementCtr for Transl Biomed ResearchChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementEcon Dev and Corp-Found EngChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementInst for Data Eval & AnalyticsChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementLaunchUNCGChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementNC Entrepreneurship CenterChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementNC Safe CommunitiesChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementOff of Research and EngagementChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementOffice of Research IntegrityChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementResearch Core LabChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementSERVEChris 334-9724
Research and EngagementSponsored ProgramsChris 334-9724
Student AffairsAccessibility Resources - ServChris 334-9724
Student AffairsCampus Activities and ProgramsChris 334-9724
Student AffairsCareer & Professional Dev.Chris 334-9724
Student AffairsDean of StudentsChris 334-9724
Student AffairsElliott University CenterChris 334-9724
Student AffairsHousing and Residence LifeChris 334-9724
Student AffairsIntercultural EngagementChris 334-9724
Student AffairsLeadership - Civic EngagementChris 334-9724
Student AffairsOff of Military Affil ServChris 334-9724
Student AffairsPiney LakeChris 334-9724
Student AffairsRecreation and WellnessChris 334-9724
Student AffairsStudent AffairsChris 334-9724
Student AffairsStudent Health ServicesChris 334-9724
University AdvancementAdvancement CommunicationsChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementAdvancement OperationsChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementAlumni EngagementChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementAnnual GivingChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementDevelopmentChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementDonor and Board EngagementChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementSpecial EventsChristy 334-9855
University AdvancementUniversity AdvancementChristy 334-9855