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SpartanTalent is an automated suite of talent management tools designed to help supervisors and departments throughout the life cycle of the talent management process from recruiting and hiring, onboarding and managing, to developing and retaining staff at UNCG. UNCG currently offers two tools in the SpartanTalent suite – eHire (applicant tracking) and ePosition (position management).

SpartanTalent provides benefits such as:

  • Streamlined approval workflows
  • Eliminates HRCB200 and EHRA Non-faculty position description on paper (moving to a paperless process)
  • Allows posting information to flow directly from ePosition to eHire
  • Reduces the amount of paper and time waiting for approvals
  • Simplifies business processes
  • Is easily accessible
  • Track position’s status and review approval history online

SpartanTalent Training

Introduction to SpartanTalent (PeopleAdmin)

This is the BASIC level PeopleAdmin PowerPoint presentation will provide you with a generic overview of the interface. This basic presentation is great for people who have never used PeopleAdmin before and want to know more about its main functions and use at UNCG. The presentation is not too technical and is appropriate from brand new initiators, approvers, search committee members and/or someone who wants to be introduced to PeopleAdmin.