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2018 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment will be held September 30-October 31, 2017. The State Health Plan’s Board of Trustees approved several changes for the 2018 benefit year. You MUST TAKE ACTION during Open Enrollment to avoid an increase in the your monthly premium contribution.

To view the 2018 Open Enrollment Presentation click HERE.

Here are a few of the changes included in this year's NC State Health Plan:

  • Eligible employees will be automatically enrolled in the 70/30 Plan and MUST TAKE ACTION to otherwise choose the 80/20 Plan and/or to reduce their premium.
  • Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CHDP) is no longer available.
  • The only Wellness Premium Credit activity is the Tobacco Attestation. Active members in the 70/30 Plan and 80/20 Plan may reduce the monthly premium by $60 each month by completing the tobacco attestation, attesting to being tobacco-free, or committing to enroll in the QuitlineNC multiple-call program by the end of Open Enrollment. Click HERE for details.

NCFlex Changes and Reminders:

  • The Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) require re-enrollment every year. If you want to participate in either or both of the FSA's, you must make your election during Open Enrollment.
  • Effective for the 2018 plan year, any unused Health Care FSA funds, up to $500, can now be rolled over into the 2019 plan year as long as you have a minimum balance of $25.
  • Beginning in January, you can use the NCFlex Convenience Card to pay for eligible dependent care expenses, up to the amount available in your account. The card can be used for both the Health Care FSA and the Dependent Day Care FSA.
  • Premiums for the Dental High Option PPO will be lower in 2018.
  • EyeMed Vision Care replaces Superior Vision as the new vision vendor.
  • Premiums for the Vision Basic and Enhanced plans will be lower in 2018.
  • The vision plan offers a new and larger network of providers for 2018.
  • Under vision coverage, the Enhanced Plan will have a higher frame allowance ($200) and contact lens allowance ($175).
  • New Accident Insurance will be offered through NCFlex.

Single Sign-On

If you participated in Open Enrollment last year, you may have experienced problems logging into the insurance website. UNCG Human Resources and Information Technology Services are excited to announce Single Sign-On for this Open Enrollment! You will be able to log in using your UNCG username and password. For Single Sign-On click HERE.

How to Get More Information

This year we are offering Open Enrollment Assistance Labs:

  • Join our HR Benefits Staff in the computer lab as we walk you through the enrollment process. HR Benefits Staff will be on hand to provide assistance for online enrollment of your 2018 benefits. Prior to attending an enrollment assistance lab, a benefits information-only meeting is recommended (see above). Register for a seat in the 2018 Open Enrollment Assistance Lab by clicking HERE.

NCFlex Open Enrollment Guides will be sent through interoffice mail prior to the start of Open Enrollment. Click HERE to access an electronic version of the guide.