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Annual Vacation Leave

SHRA Employees

Annual Leave is credited to employees who are in pay status (working, on paid leave or on workers’ compensation leave) for one-half or more of the regularly scheduled workdays and holidays in the pay period in accordance with the provisions outlined below:

  • Full-time permanent, probationary, trainee and time-limited employees are granted leave based on length of total State service.
    (Part-time employees who work half-time or more are granted prorated leave.)
  • Annual Leave may be accumulated without any applicable maximum until December 31 of each year. However, if the employee separates from service, payment for accumulated leave shall not exceed 240 hours.
  • On December 31 of each year any employee with more than 240 hours of accumulated leave shall have the excess accumulation converted to sick leave so that only 240 hours are carried forward to January 1 of the next calendar year.
  • Accumulation for part-time employees shall be prorated.

EHRA Employees

Twelve month faculty, librarians, and permanent full-time and part-time EHRA non-faculty are eligible for annual leave if their appointment is .50 or greater.

In accordance with the “Personnel Policies for Employees Exempt from the State Personnel Act:”

  • Twelve month faculty, librarians, and EHRA non-faculty earn twenty four days of annual leave.
  • The maximum number of unused days of annual leave that may be accrued and carried forward from one year to the next shall be thirty days (240 hours).
  • Annual leave in excess of thirty days will be automatically converted to sick leave at the end of the year.
  • An employee who has accrued such unused annual leave as of the date of discontinuation of employment shall be paid for such unused annual leave, subject to the prescribed maximum of thirty days.