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Paid Parental Leave

The Office of State Human Resources has established a pilot program to allow state agencies and universities to offer Paid Parental Leave to promote physical and mental health for employee families, increase worker retention, and improve worker productivity and morale. Employees who apply for Paid Parental Leave will need to apply for Family Medical Leave.

An employee’s eligibility for Paid Parental Leave shall be based on the employee’s months of service and hours of work as of the date of the qualifying life event. An employee who becomes a parent via childbirth, adoption, foster care or another legal placement is eligible if:

  1. The employee is full-time or part-time (half-time or more) in a permanent, probationary, or time-limited (benefits-eligible) position;
  2. The employee has been continuously employed by the State of North Carolina for the immediate twelve (12) preceding months; and
  3. The employee has been in pay status for at least 1,040 hours in the previous twelve-month period.

For additional details on the program, please see the documents below, or contact the Benefits Office at

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